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Spaghetti Shirataki Noodles with Salmon

I discovered that Shirataki noodles are a carb-free alternative to your regular pasta noodles. They are derived from the konjac yam, and konjac jelly is pretty popular in Asia. It's used to make noodles, of course, as well a jelly desserts.
For the noodles:
1 packets of spaghetti shirataki noodles.

Drain the noodles in a colander and place over running water for one minute to rinse.Add one spoon of coconut oil to a large frying pan. Add the noodles and let them cook to get rid of all the water for about 5 minutes.

Add half a jar of Alfredo sauce the noodles are almost dry.

Barbecue Salmon with sea salt when ready cover the salmon with olive oil, serve with the spaghetti noodles and you have a delicious dinner. Use Parmesan cheese to cover your carb-free pasta.
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